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Sky High Heels Australia

12 pack Gummy Grip Hand Grip

12 pack Gummy Grip Hand Grip

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Get a Grip on your pole dance moves with our scented Gummy Grip Hand Grip aid.

The box includes 12 x 59ml bottles

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Infused with a sweet lollie scent with floral undertones, our formula is the same as our Original Hand Grip but with added fragrance to keep that metal hand smell at bay.

Our balanced, long-lasting scent provides a reliable sports grip solution for sweaty hands on brass, stainless steel, and chrome poles. Your life-saver for hot, humid or rainy conditions!

Sky high grip repels perspiration and water without leaving any chalky residue. Upgrade your pole grip game with our quality, practical hand grip.

Simply apply a pea-sized amount to your hands and allow it to air dry for 15-25 seconds before your activity.

Our Gummy Hand Grip is perfect for all levels of pole dancers looking for a reliable sports grip solution.


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Size Guide


We highly recommend checking your foot length in CENTIMETRES and matching your size.

If you are between sizes, size up to prevent the shoe from being too narrow.

If you previous purchased Sky High Heels (Old Era), please match the EU size marked (eg 39) or size DOWN from your previously purchased US size ( eg US 8 size down to a US7).

Our new era feels slightly narrower due to the reinforced toe box. Our boots do not stretch due to this.

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