The Bubblegum Campaign Pt 1

Introducing the bubblegum collection

Inspired by summer vibes, pastel candies and unicorn skies.

Created with custom coloured vegan leather, our bubblegum boots were made to be magical. Ultra light weight with our signature metal ring laces, these boots are built to last.

With our core values in sustainability and slow fashion, these limited edition pieces were created to stand the test of time with classic styles to be worn in every 'season'.

Our reversible pole-wear allows you to have two outfits and one, with endless mix and match opportunities. Made with high quality lycra, these pieces are colour fast, soft and stretchy, and can withstand the sun, pool and salty ocean. 

The ultimate wardrobe piece for the active poler.




Abby Goodwin and Immy Reed


GC Poleft




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