6 easy ways to revamp your pole room!

Your pole room is your personal space to practice your pole dancing without fear of judgment. You can let loose and discover yourself in new ways. You can challenge yourself and feel motivated when you achieve those difficult tricks. 

However, you may want to liven the room up a bit and truly give it the pole room vibes that it deserves to help yourself get immersed in the experience. 

Here, we'll discuss six of the best ways to revamp your pole room:

1. Neon Sign

Getting a neon sign for your pole room could be the feature addition to the space. You can find many online, with cute slogans and sayings, or even just different shapes (like angel wings 😍). 

However, you can also find sellers that will customise the neon sign so that you could keep it as something pole dancing related. 

Not only will this act as a light source, but it is also very aesthetically pleasing. You can also find them in many bright and fun colours to totally transform your instagram and TikTok videos! 

 2. Mirrors

I guess this is an obvious one, a pole room certainly needs mirrors. These are essential to be able to watch yourself when you're practicing different pole moves and tricks. 

The mirror you get can depend on the space you have available in your pole room, but they usually span the entirety of the wall. 

However, you shouldn't feel pressured to get something so big, as you may not be able to afford it if you're on a budget, and you may lack the space. 

You can still find a full-length mirror to use in your pole room, which is probably your best and most viable option. 

And, have fun! Get a mirror with a vibrant frame, or collage lots of small mirror for a homely, rustic feel.


3. Heels Display

We all know how vital heels are to any pole queen's life - so why not make a display out of them? 

Your sky high heels would look amazing hung up on the wall, just like some trophies. You could get some shelves installed on the wall and keep those heels on full display. 

These could work for older heels that may not be the best fit anymore or even your new ones you are reserving for a photoshoot! 


4. LED String Lights and Fairy Lights!

String lights, or even fairy lights, are particularly popular these days.

You can find adorable ones online that come in different shapes, sizes, and colours. You can also get remote-controlled ones that will change colours according to the various settings! 

This is another great way of spicing up the lighting while making it very aesthetic. 

With LED lights, you can dim the room's lights a more realistic and fun club feel. Just you, your pole, and the amazing atmosphere!

These are available in varying lengths, can be attached to any surface, and come in colour-changing options. How about lining the sides of your stage with them? Or along the base of your mirror? The possibilities are endless!

5. Wall Art

Wall art is a fun way to revamp your pole room.

You could easily find pole dancing-related art or even ask the seller to make custom art based on your favourite pole moves or even your poses. 

It will fill up the blank wall space and give the room some character, and you'll feel as if the room is coming to life. 


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